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The iPhone 3G / 3GS ID Case by Case Mate

The iPhone ID case is the latest cases by Case Mate. This case is made specifically for the iPhone 3G / 3GS and...

Palm Pre Theme Review – iPhone and Blackberry OS Themes

Did you know that the Palm Pre supports themes? Again thanks to the wonderful efforts of the Pre homebrew community your Pre can now be as fashionable and as stylish as that other phones that support these types of customizations. Currently, there are over 300 themes available for Over The Air download using Preware. You can also browse themes on your computer by visiting Prethemer.com

Sprint HTC Hero – First Impressions

I've had the Hero for only a little over 24 hours but that hasn't stopped me from forming some initial thoughts about this new Sprint phone and how it performs for my needs. Here is a quick rundown of the things that I noticed right away

HTC Hero Unboxing

The HTC Hero has arrived at G Style Magazine, and we must say right off the back, this phone is definitely sexy! Let's...

Techincally Speaking with T.D. – The Nokia 2610

The Future is Here – The Nokia 2610! The last couple of years has seen incredible advances in mobile communication technology and companies...

Where is the cell phone selection for the Teenage Set?

Ok so without a doubt the most popular phone among the 13-21 (and some adult who need to let go, but can't lol)...