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7 Reasons You May Still Want to Get the LG G...

The two things I love most about attending CES is getting to see and getting hands-on with the tech to come for the year....

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – The Pen is Mightier [Review]

Spending some time with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 shows how its one of the best smartphones out there.

Top 4 Smartphones for Under $400

While the high end smartphones are expensive, you can still ball on a budget with those low priced smartphones some even with unlocked options.

HTC One M9: The One’s Final Form of Evolution [Review]

The HTC One M9 is HTC's latest flagship phone for 2015 and it will have to stand up again some tough competition this year....

OnePlus Celebrates Anniversary With No Invites Needed and $14.99 PowerBank

OnePlus Hits One year and celebrates with OnePlus Sales, Cables, and PowerBanks

HTC One M8 vs. OnePlus One: Which Truly Is “The One?”

We pit the HTC One (M8) vs. the OnePlus One to see which "One" is most superior

ZTE ZMAX is Behemoth, Inexpensive Phablet for T-Mobile

ZTE ZMAX makes it way to T-Mobile for $252 and has a massive 6.4" frame

LG G3 : Can Lightning Strike Twice? [Review]

The LG G3 is bringing bigger screens, better resolution and smoother camera. Can these factor into it being one of the best phones on the market?