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Headphones We Recommend This Year [Holiday Gift Guide 2014]

List by Jason Million and Ti-Sheba Jordan One of the biggest electronic accessories whether you know it or not is headphones. People buy them for...

Sennheiser: “Stay Classy” [CES 2014]

Talk about sound as a class act, look no further than Sennheiser. The big dons came to CES 2014 displaying nothing less but audio...

Top Headphones to Buy [Holiday Gift Guide 2013]

Music is universally loved and what better way to enjoy it is with a new pair of headphones. Whether for that special someone or treating yourself we picked the best cans from our own experience we thought you like.

Sennheiser Is Still Gaining Momentum [Review]

Sennheiser has always had a great reputation for quality sound especially when it comes to studio production headphones. But of course it doesn't...