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Back to School Games & Gadgets Guide for Gamers #BacktoSchool

It's that time of year again, the summer is about to be over as we're in the last days. So, what do...

How this Gaming PC Build changed my outlook of Gaming

If you know me or keep eyes on the site I’m a gamer but I’d say more on the casual side compared...

Seagate Launches Game Drive for PS4

Nothing worst than watching your system storage deplete thanks to these massive 40GB+ games. Seagate wants to combat that with it officially launching their...

Seagate is Changing the Storage Space Lifestyle [#CES2015]

Seagate has reached a facelift coming into CES this year

Seagate Media Channel Launches on Roku

Access your Seagate Central from your Roku

Seagate Central: Giving You a Personal Cloud At Home [Review]

As time goes by we are becoming more of a data driven world. Media is being consumed at a all-time high and its hard...