My Favorite Features of the Samsung Galaxy Note II

Remember when the first Samsung Galaxy Note was released? We were sure it would flop. We’re now in the middle of the reign of its successor. So many killer features that made it popular. Here are my favorite features of the Samsung Galaxy Note II

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The Galaxy Note II is a pretty large device coming in 5.55-inches,…

Samsung Galaxy Note II – Is The Phablet Revolution Here? [Review]

The Samsung Galaxy Note II is for the creative consumer. It’s geared to those of whom productivity on the go is the most important. It is easily one of the biggest smartphones out there. With specs to follow! Taking a cue from the Galaxy S III; the Note II is offered by all four major carriers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile). Is this phone worth the $299.99+ price tag (T-Mobile is $369.99)? Or is the Note overdoing it in size and features?