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Galaxy Owners Get A Glass of “Samsung Milk” Music (Review)

Samsung Gives Us a Nice Glass of "Milk" Music.

G Style Magazine’s 1st Annual Android Awards

This was such a great year for Android we had to show our love in what we thought was the Best Android products of 2013.

Top Smartphones to Shop For [Holiday Gift Guide 2013]

If you know a bit about the person you're shopping for; such as their preferences when it comes to display, features, and camera options we hope this list can help you make a choice. Check out the top smartphones to shop for this holiday season!

Samsung giving $50 Google Play Credit to U.S. Galaxy Note 3...

Samsung is giving away $50 in Google Play Credit for U.S. only Galaxy Note 3 owners.

Samsung Galaxy Studio Pop Up Shop in Soho for Holidays

Samsung has built a location in Lower Manhattan's Soho called the Samsung Galaxy Studio. Going you will get some hands-on with the latest from Samsung ranging from the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to their first smartwatch which is the Galaxy Gear.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Gear Worth the Price of Admission? [Review]

Samsung Galaxy Gear has a excellent build quality, nice display and camera but it is the ultimate accessory?

Is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 the Best Phone Samsung Created?...

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is undoubtedly the best phone Samsung has ever created.

Every Windows Power User Needs to Download the ROCCAT Power-Grid (Review)

If you read some of my hardware reviews in the past, you know that I've been pretty impressed with ROCCAT's line of gaming accessories,...