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LG G2 Revisited Eight Months Later: Precursor to the LG G3

The predecessor of the upcoming LG G3 is the LG G2. Great device when it came out, but does it still hold it's own now?

Musubo Expands Their Stylish Case Offerings To Samsung Galaxy S III

Musubo, which I looked at a couple months back with their Eden case for the iPhone 4/4s, is now expanding their range of cases...

i-mego Retro Headphones *Holiday Gift Guide 2010*

The i-mego Retro Headphones are definitely a stylish pair of over the ear headphones. Their retro fashionable ear piece covers are styled...

Rollin by Hedone Designs

Hedone Design has made a pretty eye catching theme here called "Rollin". Its great as it has a different look then i have...