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Tag: Palm Pre

Palm Pre User Does Droid

I had the opportunity to spend a week with a Motorola Droid and I wanted to share my impressions as a Palm Pre Enthusiast/Fanatic. I must say that I grew very fond of the Droid in the short period of time that I had to play with it and if WebOs wasn’t available I would seriously think about getting a Droid. It’s a great phone.

Bad Kitty Twitter Client for WebOS- A Review

SuperInhuman Industries has just introduced Bad Kitty for WebOS into the App Catalog. It's the new kid on the block in terms of Twitter...

WebOS Patches – Full Screen Browsing and Launcher Page Categories

It's a new year and Palm is moving full steam ahead with constant software updates, refreshed hardware, and lots of new features for their...

Palm Pre *Holiday Gift Idea*

The Palm Pre is a great choice for a lot of people on your holiday shopping list.  It combines a lot of the great...

First Look – Precorder (Unofficial video recording on the Palm Pre)

One of the biggest complaints about the Pre was the fact that it lacked video recording. We as consumers have come to expect...

Palm Pre Patches – A few of my favorites

I told you before that it was possible to make your Pre a great phone by adding some simple tweaks. Using a program that runs on your Pre called Preware you can download several patches that add some character to and improve functionality on your device.

Palm Pre vs HTC Hero: Which Should You Get?

Sprint has a number of good smartphone choices lately it might be difficult to decide which one will be your next device.  If...

Palm Pre Theme Review – iPhone and Blackberry OS Themes

Did you know that the Palm Pre supports themes? Again thanks to the wonderful efforts of the Pre homebrew community your Pre can now be as fashionable and as stylish as that other phones that support these types of customizations. Currently, there are over 300 themes available for Over The Air download using Preware. You can also browse themes on your computer by visiting Prethemer.com

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