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Tags Nvidia Shield TV

Tag: Nvidia Shield TV

NVIDIA Shield TV 8.2 Update brings Remote Customization and Addtl Improvements to all models

25 updates later and NVIDIA’s Shield TV continues to impress.  Since its initial release back in 2015, Shield TV has managed to...

Dads & Grads Tech Gift Guide 2020

With so much going on in the world, the holidays and celebrations are hitting a bit different this year. Graduations have been...

NVIDIA Shield TV (2019) Review

Easily the best media streamer out there bar none.

NVIDIA unveils new Shield TV and Shield TV Pro

Its been a couple of years but NVIDIA has finally decided to add a refresh and a new...

NVIDIA SHIELD TV Experience Upgrade 6.3 provides additional Google Assistant support and Nest cam viewing

Latest Experience Upgrade 6.3 adds more Google Assistant support, Nest Cam viewing and more app support

NVIDIA Shield TV (2017) Proves Size Doesn’t Matter [Review]

The newer, smaller SHIELD TV still packs the same power as before but the greatness comes from its redesigned controller

The Nvidia SHIELD TV is a Gaming Console in Disguise [Review]

Home entertainment has changed completely and media streaming is here. It's more popular than ever and cheaper than cable. Everybody wants in and everyone...

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