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Apple Introduces the New iPod Touch 5th Gen

Today was the day we’ve all been waiting for. While everyone’s main focus was the iPhone 5; Apple had other announcements to make. One...

Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8 Confirmed – More Details to Come

Are you ready for a bigger screen from Samsung? Well check out their new Galaxy Media Player. It has a 5.8 screen. That's...

Matrix Audio – Your Solution For Great Portable Sound

As nearly all of our devices can play media, travel-sized speakers are becoming the norm. With so many to choose from, Matrix audio...

Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6 – Simple and Sweet

Keeping up with all of Samsung’s media players can be quite a difficult job. With features and a size to suit every consumer out...

What Happened To The MP3 Players?

Has Apple completely take over the product category? I remember when I loved my Creative Zen Vision M, because it was the alternative...

Strength In Numbers

If there is any truth to the phrase "There is strenght in numbers" then the M1 Stereo Bluetooth Speakers by BlueAnt are the wireless technology equivelant of the Incredible Hulk!