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Microsoft Gives a Glimpse into Its Future at the Windows 10...

The company that brings us Windows and Xbox was in Redmond, VA on Wednesday January 21st to give us a look at what it...

Windows 10 Tech Preview: Learn How To Try It Now

Microsoft is preparing the world for the release of its latest version of the new Windows OS. Initially it was thought that what we...

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Now Available in Intel Core i3 and...

Surface Pro 3 is now available in Core i3 and Core i7 models

Microsoft Surface Pro 3: The Perfect 2-in-1 [Review]

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is the answer to all hybrids.

WaterField Designs Unveils Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Cases

Some of you may know the WaterField Designs brand, some of you may not. Basically they are a San Fransisco based company that makes...

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is Available Now

Get your hands on a Surface Pro 3 today

Microsoft Unveils the Surface Pro 3

Microsoft unveils the Surface Pro 3 and its thinner then the Surface Pro 2 by a lot.

Nokia Lumia 2520 : Is It the Best Windows 8 Tablet?...

The Nokia Lumia 2520 provides one of the brightest displays on any tablet. But is it the best Windows 8 RT tablet?