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T-Mobile Preorders are Available for LG G3

LG G3 for T-Mobile preorders are available

Pre-Register For a LG G3 on T-Mobile For Chance to Win...

Enter to win a Beta LG G3 from T-Mobile

LG G3 Has More Power Then You Can Handle

LG G3 is ready to launch worldwide starting May 28th in South Korea.

LG G2 Revisited Eight Months Later: Precursor to the LG G3

The predecessor of the upcoming LG G3 is the LG G2. Great device when it came out, but does it still hold it's own now?

LG G3 will have 5.5-inch Quad HD LCD Display

  LG has confirmed that a forthcoming smartphone launching in the 1st half ofthis year would house its next flagship. From news we received last...

LG G3 Set for Launch on May 27th, G Watch to...

LG G3 Set to Launch on May 27th in Six Cities