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Empire Case: Klix Genuine Leather Wallet Case for LG G2 [Review]

Introduction The word convenience is thrown around a lot. Sometimes it fits the situation and sometimes it doesn’t. But I believe Empire understands convenience especially...

LG G2 Revisited Eight Months Later: Precursor to the LG G3

The predecessor of the upcoming LG G3 is the LG G2. Great device when it came out, but does it still hold it's own now?

LG G3 Set for Launch on May 27th, G Watch to...

LG G3 Set to Launch on May 27th in Six Cities

How SmartWatch 2 Is Sony, Huh? [Review]

Everyone’s getting in on the Dick Tracy phenomenon. Hey I would like to talk into my wrist just as much as the next...

T-Mobile LG G Flex: Is Flexible Better? [Review]

LG gives us the G Flex which is 6" of curved display alongside built with a "healing factor" material.

LG G2 vs. Google Nexus 5 : Making the Rounds at...

The LG G2 and the Google Nexus 5 both get put through their paces while being at CES 2014

G Style Magazine’s 1st Annual Android Awards

This was such a great year for Android we had to show our love in what we thought was the Best Android products of 2013.

Harman/Kardon BT Headphones: Beautiful/Sound Over-Ear Headphones [Review]

Looks like the flood gates have opened on headphones to be wireless and Bluetooth compatible. So why not look at, I mean listen to...