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Alcatel PLUS 10 Is a Double Battery Powered Hybrid Laptop

Alcatel unveils their PLUS 10 hybrid running Windows 10 and packed with two batteries with one providing 4G LTE speeds

AT&T Will Exclusively Release ASUS PadFone X on June 6

ASUS PadFone X is coming exclusively to AT&T on June 6th for $199.99/2yr

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga Pro 2: Hybrid Laptop Catering to Your Tablet...

Lenovo's Yoga Pro 2 tackles hybrid laptop/tablets heads-on and wants to be the only Ultrabook you need.

Ego’s iPhone Hybrid Series Case has Built-in USB Thumb Drive

You'd think something this would of been created already. Especially with all the million different types of iPhone cases on the market. So in...

Chevy Volt Week at G Style Magazine

This week we go hands on with the Chevy Volt. As mentioned before, this year G Style Magazine has expanded into checking out stylish...