Palm Pre User Does Droid

I had the opportunity to spend a week with a Motorola Droid and I wanted to share my impressions as a Palm Pre Enthusiast/Fanatic. I must say that I grew very fond of the Droid in the short period of time that I had to play with it and if WebOs wasn’t available I would seriously think about getting a Droid. It’s a great phone.

HTC Droid Eris/Hero *Holiday Gift Idea*

The Verizon Eris (left) and the Sprint Hero (left) are the perfect phones for that geek, app lover, or individual that will appreciate tweaking their phone and that doesn’t mind a virtual keyboard. This device is all about customization and personalization. It is built around HTC’s Sense UI which allows the user to change the interface based on various situations such as whether they are at work, on vacation etc. It offers a widget heavy experience that gives you quick access to your favorite items via 7 homescreens. This phone is fully loaded and comes with all the usual smartphone features that you can find below.

Palm Pre vs HTC Hero: Which Should You Get?

Sprint has a number of good smartphone choices lately it might be…

Sprint HTC Hero Review

There is a lot to like about the new HTC Hero from Sprint. It’s the first Android device on Sprint’s network and I think that it comes at a time when the Android OS is seasoned enough to compete against other big players, like RIM and Apple. I had about a week to test the device and get a feel for it so I tried to cover every nook and cranny to really see what this device would be like for everyday use. After spending a good amount of time with it I must say that this device is definitely a good option for those who love virtual keyboards , Google, don’t mind a little sluggishness every now and again, and love social media networks, oh and apps too.

Sprint HTC Hero – First Impressions

I’ve had the Hero for only a little over 24 hours but that hasn’t stopped me from forming some initial thoughts about this new Sprint phone and how it performs for my needs. Here is a quick rundown of the things that I noticed right away

HTC Hero Unboxing

The HTC Hero has arrived at G Style Magazine, and we must…

Sprint to Release the HTC Hero Come Oct 11th!

Finally the HTC Hero will be showing it’s face. Quite interesting on…