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New Nexus Phones, Chromecast & More: Google Opens The Hardware Chest

Google unleashed its new hardware lineup ranging from Nexus phones to new variations on its Chromecast.

Red Fox Wireless Headset: For that Edge in the Gym! [Review]

Let me be honest, I’m really not a fan of the wrap around the neck Bluetooth devices especially not for hitting the gym or...

Harman/Kardon BT Headphones: Beautiful/Sound Over-Ear Headphones [Review]

Looks like the flood gates have opened on headphones to be wireless and Bluetooth compatible. So why not look at, I mean listen to...

Spotify Goes Free for All with Spotify Shuffle

Back when Spotify was initially unleashed on the US some time back, we and fellow team members embraced the app with open arms and...

Google Chromecast: Easy Way To Turn Your Dumb TV Smart! [Review]

<center< Google recently caught everyone off guard with the announcement of its new Chromecast device. Google has been trying to get into your TV for...

I’m Leaving Spotify for Google All Access

Okay I'm not really leaving Spotify per-say, but more like just choosing to no longer pay for their $9.99 price for mobile and...