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G Style Magazine’s 1st Annual Android Awards

This was such a great year for Android we had to show our love in what we thought was the Best Android products of 2013.

Spotify Goes Free for All with Spotify Shuffle

Back when Spotify was initially unleashed on the US some time back, we and fellow team members embraced the app with open arms and...

Beats Music coming after Streaming Competition in January 2014

Beats Music coming for streaming competitors such as Spotify, Google Music Access and others in January 2014

“Ok Glass, Play Music”: Google Glass Is About to Add Music...

As if I already wasn't feeling misery about my current situation. Okay maybe I should back up a little first. I recently had to...

I’m Leaving Spotify for Google All Access

Okay I'm not really leaving Spotify per-say, but more like just choosing to no longer pay for their $9.99 price for mobile and...