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Tom Clancy’s The Division Will Have Launch Party at Microsoft Flagship...

If you happen to be in NYC on March 7th, stop by the Microsoft Flagship Store to try out "The Division" before it comes out at its Xbox Launch Party

Hitman PS4 Beta Gives a Look at Huge Killer Sandbox

The beta for the next-gen Hitman gives you taste of things to come

Just Cause 3 [Review] : An Explosive Sandbox Adventure

Just Cause 3 is one of the most explosive titles of the year literally. It's an open world sandbox title with mayhem in mind.

Rock Band 4 Reveals Songs Hitting This Fall

Rock Band 4 Unveils songs that will be available this Fall with the game

Monster Returns to Gaming with Fatal1ty Partnership

Monster teams with Fatal1ty to make the ultimate audio gaming headsets

Polk Audio Shows Off Striker Pro Hitman Contract Edition Headset at...

Polk Audio shows off their new Striker Pro and has a sweet Hitman Contract Edition Headset too

Audio Technica ATH-PDG1: The Gaming Headphones to use Everyday! [Review]

Audio Technica makes great headphones. Period. If you're fortunate enough to own a pair then you know what I'm talking about. Premium quality...

Kingston HyperX Cloud II: The Best Gamer Headphones for $100…Still [Review]

I'm a gamer, not quite hardcore but just a notch above casual. Here's the problem, gaming is expensive or at least it can be....