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Acer has great Black Friday deals for the PC gamer [BLACK...

The Black Friday deals are coming in here is another one. Acer makes a ton of gaming PC's, Monitors and peripherals. If you're a...

Acer Chromebook C720: It’s Not For Me, But Maybe For You...

The Chromebook. HP, Dell, and of course Google (of course) all have versions of the Chromebook. Acer has a new version (a second version...

HP Chromebook 11 Replacement Chargers Ready

HP Chromebook 11 Replacement Chargers are available for current owners of the device.

HP Chromebook 11-Is it as Powerful as it is Attractive? [Review]

The HP Chromebook 11 is great for the consumer that wants to pickup and get on the internet and use Chrome OS. Also lives by the Cloud and wants access everywhere.

Google brings us the HP Chromebook 11

Looking at the HP Chromebook 11 it has some great specs on and an awesome look at all for the price of $279.99

Samsung Chrome Series 5: Nothing But Web

Most people are ditching they’re laptops to get Netbooks, the reason for it you may ask, they just want to search the web, they...