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What’s In Your Smartphone: Samuel “SamVersionOne” Huang

Since I'm one of the few staff members here on G Style who uses an iPhone 4 as my main phone on a daily...

iPhone App Review: Notica

Notica by Cleversome is a new note taking app that differentiates itself from the default notes app in iOS by adding something the...

iOS App: WorldCard Mobile – Scan Cards Automatically to your Contacts

Today we are going to take a look at Penpower's WorldCard Mobile for the iPhone. The app can also be used on the...

Fiddme vs Foodspotting – Which is the Better Social Food App?

VS So I came across these 2 apps on the App Store that seem to accomplish the same goals. Both Fiddme and...

Make a Great Phone Even Better (Palm Pre Edition)

I've been a Pre owner since day one (6/6/09 bright and earlier) and I neither have buyer's remorse nor am I looking at another phone to replace my Pre as my primary device. This is mainly because of the Pre's very active homebrew scene. For those of you who are unfamiliar with homebrew that just simply means that Pre users as a community have essentially taken it upon themselves to hack, patch, tweak and create all sorts of wonderful additions to the phone. The Pre is a great device to begin with but as expected with any 1.0 device it lacked a few things that most phone junkies have come to appreciate. Some of those basic features that are missing include, sms forwarding, call duration in the call log, and third party applications. So while loyal Pre fans are waiting on Palm to address some of these missing features and update their app catalog, many have decided to step-up to the plate and address some of these issues on their own.