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LG V30 – More Powerful, More Sophisticated, Less Screens [Review]

LG announced the all new LG V30 a while back with much anticipation and no release date. The latest in their V-series line, the...

LG G2 – Android Smartphone of the Year? [Review]

The LG G2 is a magnificent device and unarguably one of the strongest android smartphones around. Its Snapdragon 800 processor works great with its high def 1080P display and its excellent 3000mAh battery life. Taking pictures with it is a dream and a experience one should enjoy.

Is The LG Optimus G Pro Optimistically Professional? [Review]

Let me start by saying that I am a LG Optimus G owner who believes this is one of the best mobile phones out....

CES 2011 Best of Show: Vizio

[vimeo 18875637 w=560 h=315] This year we had to select Vizio as our Best of Show. With their impressive Television sets, headphone line, Android Tablet...