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Spotify Goes Free for All with Spotify Shuffle

Back when Spotify was initially unleashed on the US some time back, we and fellow team members embraced the app with open arms and...

Jay Z Sets #NewRules With RIAA for Magna Carta Holy Grail Album!

At the stroke of midnight Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, and Note II owners fired up their Magna Carta Holy Grail application to download...

Slacker Radio – Ready to Be Your Complete Music Service

There are certain things we like with Spotify, Pandora and Google All Access Music. Slacker radio wants to beat all of those services and become your #1 music streaming app. How? They offer the best of all world. Check inside for details!

BlackBerry Z10 Music Player App Review – Is It Any Good?

One of the few things I do on my mobile device now on a daily basis is listen to music. Whether it be my...

Apollo v1.0.2 for BlackBerry 10 Review – A Third Party Pandora Client

If you just got yourself a new BlackBerry Z10 and you're looking for one of the most popular radio station apps out there, Pandora,...

Songza v1.1 for BlackBerry 10 Review – Play Music Based on Your Activities and Mood

If you take a look at the BlackBerry App World for radio apps, you'll find that the selection in there isn't really that impressive. That's not to say there aren't a couple gems in there. One of them is Songza, which is available on other platforms, but I didn't know about it until seeing it in App World for the BlackBerry Z10.

Pandora App With Exclusive Features Comes To Windows Phone

Slowly but surely Windows Phone has been coming through with apps. Realizing how often people stream music from their phone, they added Spotify recently and today they announced another popular app for the OS.

Spotify comes to Windows Phone 8!

Looks like Window Phones are picking up some steam getting more of the premier apps under its belt one by one. The latest one...

Samsung Music Hub Service Now Available in the US

Another perk for Samsung Galaxy S III users, Samsung Music Hub is now available to S III users first (later on to other devices)....

Spotify Radio Now Available for Android

So have you been a Spotify use, but so far haven't made the jump to getting it on your Android phone, tablet, or...

Spotify Brings An Update to its Android App!

I'm lover of Spotify. I have been using their service since I was able to grab an invite and have been a paying member...

Akai Professional SynthStation v2.0 Apple Mobile App: 4 That Producer on the Go

Let's say you bounce from the crib without your synthesizer or midi controller keyboard and......"BAM!" You get this fresh idea for a track but...

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