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BlackBerry Z10 Tip: How to Hide Unwanted Social Network Entries in Contacts App

TIP: BlackBerry made it super easy to add all your social networking friends and people you follow into the contacts app. This may be awesome if you only follow or friend only a few people but what happens when you’re following hundreds or thousands of people? It can get a bit cluttered in there and make it very difficult to find actual people you want to contact. Have no fear as there is an easy way to hide unwanted entries from social networks.

Picked Up A BlackBerry Z10? Download These 5 Must Have Free Apps

Today is the day that the BlackBerry Z10 finally hits at&t with other carriers soon to follow. If you're one of the lucky few...

BlackBerry Z10 Review Part 1 – Hardware Impressions

BlackBerry has already announced the new BlackBerry Z10 which goes on sale in a couple of weeks. Last week, I was finally able to get my hands on the final hardware that will hit carriers this month. What do I think of it? Read on to find out.

Blackberry Z10 Review: Blackberry’s Road To Redemption Start Here!

This has definitely been a long time coming here on G Style. The last full review we have done for a Blackberry phone was...

Blackberry Z10: First Impressions After The Event

Man oh man what an event yesterday! Yesterday RIM (now known simply as Blackberry) announced the launch of Blackberry 10, and also announced...

Case-Mate Introduces BlackBerry Z10 Accessories

As usual, looks like Case-Mate comes right out the gate with cases already available for the BlackBerry Z10. Like with previous hot phones, Case-Mate...

Blackberry Q10 Phone Will Be Arriving On Sprint

As you may have heard from everyone everywhere; Blackberry announced Blackberry 10; along with the release of their phones the Blackberry Z10 and Blackberry Q10. Sprint is going to carry the Q10.

Blackberry 10: What Do You Need to Stay, Tejor Jordan

It's no secret that I may be the only staffer that still carries a Blackberry device daily, but with the launch of the Blackberry...

Blackberry 10: What Do You Need To Come Back, Samuel Huang

About 3-4 years ago, I would have called myself a crackberry addict. Back then, my BlackBerry Bold 9000 was my pride and joy and...

Blackberry 10: What Do You Need To Come Back, Jason Anderson

Ahh this is the week that Blackberry 10 is set to launch in a big way. Wednesday RIM had launch events all over the...

BlackBerry 10 – What I’ve Seen So Far is Fantastic

A couple days ago, it was a big news day for Research in Motion with several sites leaking supposed BlackBerry 10 screenshots. Well I...

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