With the finalization of the ABK deal bringing all of Activision Blizzard to Microsoft and XBOX and the worldwide release of Spider Man 2. Both gaming giants took the time to wow its gaming fanbase and people in general with it’s stunning yet fun marketing campaigns aimed solely creating hype for their respective brands. 

Microsoft and XBOX took advantage of the humongous Sphere in Las Vegas that towers over the entire town and costs a whopping $450,000 a day to advertise anything which to Microsoft is pennies on the dollar. It one of the coolest marketing campaigns and things you will EVER see. If you haven’t seen it take a look below 

Sony and Playstation who does marketing the best out of the big three wasn’t as grandiose as Microsoft and XBOX but still managed to put together an incredible display of marketing to promote Spider Man 2. With Sony they have a live display of a truck suspended in air with the web of Spider Man in the symbiote suit which is incredibly clever and it showcases the best of both companies when they are competing for the dollars of gamers. You love to see it. Take a look at what Sony did as well.

UPDATE: As of yesterday SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainmen) and Playstation also took advantage of the Vegas Sphere and put out a super cool ad for Spider Man 2 to commemorate its release worldwide. You can see it below:

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