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With Seagate already knee-deep in having game drives for Xbox, it would be an easy assumption for a Starfield Special Edition version to follow; officially licensed by Bethesda, this game drive introduces a touch of cosmic adventure to players, that’s adorned with exclusive artwork reminiscent of the Settled System. These drives exude an aura of grandeur that extends to their aesthetics, including their RGB LED effects — matched with excellent performance that should satisfy any player deciding to expand their space (yes, cosmic….space, universe? I’m a dad, sorry.)

The design to the HDD is exactly as pleasing as Starfield itself — customized to feel as if it exists within the NASA-punk universe. The RGB lighting on these drives is great for those that prefer that, and it’s not as vibrant to the point it would bother the peripherals. There is a way to customize the patters of the RGB via Seagate Toolkit which you can opt to also turn off if you desire. It shouldn’t be hard to find a place for this hard drive aesthetically, and it worked well next to my white CLX PC.

RPM Speed and Read/Write Performance

Seagate’s Starfield Game Drive spins at 7200 RPM which is an above average RPM for HDD’s — this higher rotational speed translates into faster data access and retrieval times, which can significantly enhance overall system performance. In terms of read/write performance, it offers competitive speeds within the constraints of an HDD. Sequential read speeds hover around the 130MB/s mark, with write speeds exhibiting similar performance, often times lower though. This is well within the range expected for an external hard drive, ensuring reasonable load times and smooth gameplay for a variety of titles.

Utilization of USB 3.0 and Impact on Performance

The inclusion of high-speed USB 3.0 connectivity is a pivotal aspect of the Seagate Starfield Game Drive’s technical makeup. This choice is instrumental in providing a swift and efficient data transfer interface, as well as powering the drive itself. The USB 3.0 interface allows for significantly higher data transfer rates overall, enabling smoother gaming experiences and shorter loading times.

However, it’s worth noting that while USB 3.0 enhances performance in the context of an HDD, it still operates within the limitations inherent to traditional spinning-platter storage technology. The theoretical maximum transfer rate of USB 3.0 far surpasses what an HDD can achieve, which highlights the potential for even greater performance with an SSD-based solution.

The Irony of Starfield and HDD

One ironic aspect of the Seagate Starfield Game Drive is its storage medium. While it commemorates the highly anticipated game Starfield, an HDD may not be the optimal choice for running such high-performance titles. The fast-paced, graphics-intensive nature of modern games, particularly those designed for next-gen consoles, benefits greatly from the swift access times and data transfer rates that solid-state drives (SSDs) provide.

For an expansive, open-world game like Starfield, an SSD at minimum would be the preferred storage option to ensure seamless loading of vast environments and complex textures. The irony lies in the drive’s association with a game that would potentially benefit the most from the performance advantages offered by SSD technology.


The Seagate Starfield Special Edition Game Drive (2TB) is a well-designed and aesthetically pleasing storage solution with technical specifications that cater to a broad range of gaming needs. Its use of USB 3.0, coupled with competitive read/write speeds and a rapid 7200 RPM, make it a viable choice for gamers looking to expand their storage capacities. However, the irony of being an HDD in the context of high-performance games like Starfield cannot be overseen given that it should have been an SSD at the minimum. As gaming continues to push boundaries, the choice between HDDs and SSDs becomes increasingly significant for discerning gamers seeking the best possible experience.

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