Its been awhile since we got a new colorway in the Px8 but this one is definitely the looker. This one comes in a Royal Burgundy finish utilizing Nappa leather. It still screams a premium look as the colorway takes over most of the headphone while there are gold accents on the hinges and outer portion.

Honestly it reminds a bit of a Iron Man-esque depending on the color hue of the suit he was using especially in the comics. This colorway now adds to their portfolio of colors which are Black and Tan. There are also the special edition McLaren and Bond 007 colorways if you can obtain those as well.

Bowers & Wilkins introduces new Px8 in luxurious Royal Burgundy finish

Worthing, UK, 27th September 2023: Bowers & Wilkins, the renowned British premium audio brand, has launched a new finish of its industry-leading flagship wireless headphone, the multi-award-winning Px8. Now available in a Royal Burgundy Nappa leather finish, complemented by refined gold detailing, the Px8 continues to set the reference standard for sound, design, build and finish quality in the wireless headphone category.

The leader in premium headphone design

All three Px8 models continue to feature a single cast-aluminum arm structure that references Bowers & Wilkins’ signature design language, plus a diamond-cut bright edge on each elliptical logo plate. The earcups, memory-foam cushions and headband are all trimmed in soft, luxurious Nappa leather for the ultimate comfort and a premium feel. Together, these design and material choices ensure that Px8 confidently asserts Bowers & Wilkins’ position as a premium audio brand like no other.

Unparalleled high-resolution sound

The Px8 delivers its award-winning sound thanks to ultra-high-performance 40mm Carbon Cone drive units, based on technologies cascaded from the brand’s reference-quality loudspeakers. It combines these with powerful Bowers & Wilkins-developed DSP (Digital Signal Processing) to deliver outstanding, 24-bit high-resolution sound quality from leading streaming services.

The new Px8’s revised acoustic tuning ensures even more detail, giving an unparalleled combination of ultra-fast response plus exceptionally low distortion throughout the frequency range. The result is resolution, realism and dynamics that surpasses the high bar set by both the Px7 S2 and the new Px7 S2e. This ensures an even more engaging and natural musical performance that brings the listener closer than ever to the True Sound of the artist’s intent. Put simply, it’s the best sound quality Bowers & Wilkins has ever delivered from a pair of wireless headphones.

Available in the new Royal Burgundy plus existing Tan and Black Nappa leather finishes, the premium design and class-leading sound quality of the new Px8 is on sale from 27th September from the Bowers & Wilkins website and selected retailers priced $699.

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