Blood Will Run In Sequel To Critically-Acclaimed Cyberpunk Smash Hit

Leading video game publisher 505 Games and developer One More Level proudly announce one of the most hotly anticipated sequels of 2023, the first-person cyberpunk-action thriller Ghostrunner 2.

Set one year after the critically acclaimed sci-fi smash, Ghostrunner 2 sees cyber ninja protagonist Jack emerging from the deathtrap of Dharma Tower for the first time to explore the sprawling wasteland beyond. Featuring intense fast-paced-push-forward combat, and deeply challenging gameplay, the sequel promises to up the ante from the original in every conceivable way, including, for the first time, vehicular combat as Jack takes to the wastelands on his new motorcycle.

Bursting with new powers, upgradeable abilities, traversal mechanics, an expanded narrative, deeper world building, and devilish new enemies, Ghostrunner 2 is the ultimate power fantasy… every kill will be earned. Adapt to, and master the gameplay as only a cyber ninja would. Be under no illusion…. blood will run. Accompanied by a killer synthwave soundtrack, Ghostrunner 2 is released later in 2023.

Wishlist now on, SteamPlayStation, Xbox Series S & X.

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