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Mobile game bonuses are one of the best ways to not only get the most out of your game but also to earn more in-game currency or items without having to spend money. Bonuses also encourage you to come back every day, with many getting better the longer you go without missing a log-in.

If you don’t know much about mobile game bonuses or want to know which are the best ways, here is everything you need to know.

4 Tips for Mobile Game Bonuses

What is a game bonus?

Whether you are playing at an online casino or you are logging in to play a few games of Hearthstone, a bonus is usually a relatively small reward for playing the game or for spending money.

Bonuses are also a great way to maximize your money, especially on mobile casinos, as a matching or percentage bonus is relatively common.

Types of game bonuses

With regular mobile games, such as the Hearthstone mentioned above, Angry Birds or Call of Duty Mobile, there are four types of bonuses you will come across most often.

Log-in bonus

A log-in bonus is exactly what it says on the can. Games will reward you simply for logging in and playing every day. While the “playing” part doesn’t always apply, some may require you to log in and play a round or a play a level to get the bonus.

Daily reward

A daily reward is slightly different from a log-in bonus in most cases, as they are almost always tied to doing something in the game. Once again, this will usually involve completing a level or doing a particular action. Call of Duty is a prime example of this, as they offer players the chance to earn experience or currency by completing a few easy tasks. 

Spend reward

A spend reward is another common one you will see and will involve getting a bonus for spending real money. Take Clash of Clans, for example, you can buy gems in the game, and they will often offer a percentage bonus when buying gems; i.e., if you buy $10 worth of gems, you get 5% more gems.

Day-by-day reward

A day-by-day bonus system is also fairly common. It typically involves logging in a certain number of times in a row, with the rewards getting bigger and better as you get further along; for example, the day one reward may be 100 tokens, while the day fourteen reward will be 1000.

Casino game bonuses

Mobile casinos work slightly differently and offer vastly different bonuses than other mobile games.

Match bonus

One of the most common bonuses you will see in a mobile casino game is the match bonus. To play games, you need to deposit money, and the casino will sweeten the pot by matching what you deposit, normally with a limit.

This is also a very common bonus in the sports betting section of a mobile casino, with many operators offering this fairly regularly.

Percentage bonus

A percentage bonus is similar to a match bonus, but instead of matching 1:1, the casino will match a specific percentage of your deposit. This can range from 10% to 70%, but many hover around 50%

Free spins

Free spins are another popular bonus that you can find on most mobile casino apps. They usually work one of two ways; the first is you simply get a free spin/spins every day, with the chance of winning money or credit.

The second way is that the free spin lets you win other prizes, such as money, credit or more free spins. These additional free spins can usually be used on games that have better prizes or bigger payouts.

Loyalty bonus

Finally, loyalty bonuses work like referrals. More often than not, a mobile casino will have a way to invite your friends to join and play. Part of this invite is that either you or you and your friend receive a bonus when your friend makes their first deposit.

This is a great bonus to take advantage of if you have a few friends you want to play online poker with or something similar, as you can all earn quite a few extra rewards.

How to get more bonuses

Beyond logging in, playing or depositing money, there are a couple of ways to earn more bonuses. Many games will have a separate screen that allows you to see all the multiple ways you can earn extra tokens, gems or money for a game.

This will often involve downloading another game, completing a survey or playing a game to a specific point, such as reaching level 10 or 20. While these may sound tedious, they are very useful ways to get far more bonuses in a much shorter period of time.

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