Partie is an app for gamers that wants to bridge the gap or provide another outlet for gamers to communicate and essentially matchmake for gaming. Besides that you can also rewards for participating on the app.

Now to take things further Partie is intergrating itself with Amazon’s Prime Gaming and offering some nice benefits. For starters you will get a free membership to Partie Plus giving you more access to the app such as Voice and Video chat and can also host unlimited Parties. Partie plans to add more features in 2023 including some intergration with Twitch down the line.


Partie Teams Up With Amazon, Introduces Prime Gaming Benefits

Partie Announces Amazon Integrations and Exclusive Offers for Prime Members

Newport Beach, CA (March 30th, 2023) Partie, a player-first matchmaking and communications platform that is built to make gaming more accessible, inclusive and rewarding, today announced the launch of its integration of key Amazon services into its platform, including Prime Gaming, a premium experience included with an Amazon Prime membership that includes free games, exclusive in-game content and more.

The integration of Prime Gaming into Partie will allow Prime members to redeem exclusive offers from Partie through an extended promotional campaign with Prime Gaming. To support a secure and seamless experience for new and existing subscribers, Partie will now also offer Login with Amazon (LWA), allowing Amazon customers to Register and Login to Partie using their Amazon accounts.

Beginning this month, Prime members can enjoy a free membership to Partie Plus, a premium subscription that allows users to enjoy all of the app’s core features, including fully integrated Voice and Video Chat, along with unlimited Parties and access to in-app events and prize-driven challenges. Subsequent Partie drops, perks and programs for Prime members and Partie Plus subscribers will be rolled out through this year, along with exclusive early access to Partie’s Version 2 Beta release.

“Partie strives to deliver a complete matchmaking and communications solution that meets the standards of gamers worldwide. As part of this mission, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our platform and empower gamers, content creators and partners to help them achieve their goals,” said Frankie Colamarino, Co-Founder and CEO of Partie. “Amazon and Prime Gaming maintain innovative, valuable services that will enhance our core and premium offerings. We collectively believe that gaming is for everyone and remain focused on enhancing the way the world games.”

Partie has also committed to launching additional complementary features and offerings in 2023, including a software extension that will allow broadcasters to create and manage Parties via Twitch (Amazon’s popular live streaming service), making on-stream community gameplay simple and turnkey.

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