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If you are a gamer and a horse racing enthusiast then you probably know that there isn’t a good-enough game that manages to accurately capture the thrills of horse racing as a sport.

Over the last two decades, we’ve seen many attempts where game developers tried to create a game that is focused on horse racing, but most of the time it has bad graphics, it is not realistic enough or doesn’t have accurate horse riding mechanics.

Now since we live in a world where the popularity of video games is growing really fast, we started to wonder, why all horse racing video games are terrible.

Let’s do some digging and find out why developers are scared to tackle the real challenge of building the ultimate horse racing video game.

Why Game Developers Are Not Creating Good Horse Racing Games

Lack of Interest

Even though gamblers love horse racing predictions and this is a very popular sport around the world, it is still not on the same level as other sports like basketball or soccer. Additionally, horse racing as a sport doesn’t appeal that much to the younger audience, which is the demographic that plays video games.

The lack of popularity of horse racing as a sport scares game developers to invest more money in building the perfect game.

After all, the game industry is a business, and if the game isn’t popular among the people the company will end up losing money.

This is the main reason why game developers are not focusing on creating realistic horse racing games.

Difficult to Create

Another reason is that capturing horse racing mechanics realistically has proven to be a real challenge for game developers. Creating a realistic horse racing game will require a lot more money just to capture the motion of these beautiful creatures accurately.

Why All Horse Racing Games are Terrible

Lack of Realism

The lack of realism in the gameplay is one of the key reasons why horse racing video games are terrible.

Numerous horse racing video games fall short of adequately simulating the sport due to implausible physics and dynamics that give the game a more arcade-like feel than a simulation.

For gamers seeking a more genuine experience, this may cause the game to feel detached from the horse racing sport and make it less pleasant.

Bad Graphics and Sound

Videogames about horse racing are known for having poor graphics and audio. The sound effects are frequently implausible and badly executed, while the game’s visuals frequently seem old and lacking in details. Players may experience the game as being less immersive and engaging as a result, which will make playing it less fun.

Poorly Implemented Features

Another significant problem with horse racing video games is that they frequently contain shoddy features that don’t improve gameplay.

For example, many horse racing games feature betting and wagering systems that are not well constructed and fall short of faithfully simulating the betting process in real life. Players may find it challenging to become fully immersed in the game as a result of the game feeling less realistic and engaging.

Limited Customization Options

The limited choices for customizing horses in horse racing video games is another drawback.

It might be challenging for players to design distinctive and individualized horses in many horse racing games because they do not provide them with a wide variety of customization possibilities. As a result, it could feel less intimate and engaging, and it might be challenging for players to relate to their horses.

Final Words

Horse racing video games have been a staple of the gaming industry for decades, yet despite their popularity, many players have complained that these games are often poorly made and fail to accurately represent the sport of horse racing.

It all comes down to business. If game developers think that a horse racing game will actually sell, they’ll invest more time and money in the process.

Who knows, maybe in the future we will find a game developer that is brave enough to tackle this challenge and create the ultimate horse racing game.

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