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Online meeting is a popular choice these days, and there are many reasons why. Virtual meetings are an excellent choice for busy people, from being able to work from anywhere in the world to avoiding traffic.

However, virtual meetings can be improved with a few tweaks, like any form of communication. These features will ensure that your meeting is productive and enjoyable – no matter where it takes place! This article will outline the top 5 customization features that will maximize your virtual meeting experience.

  • Customizable Templates

One of the great benefits of web conferencing software is that it can be customized to match your specific needs. This means that you don’t have to waste time trying to create a meeting format that everyone in your team agrees on – you can instead focus on creating a template that meets the specific needs of your group.

Many customizable templates are available online, and all you need is access to an email server. Simply enter the details for each participant, including their name, role, and agenda items, and presto! You’ve got a custom meeting ready to go!

  • Social Media Integration

With so many people using social media to stay connected, it’s no surprise that virtual meetings have become increasingly popular. In fact, some companies now require all meeting participants to use various forms of social media in order to participate.

This is great news for busy people who want to participate in virtual meetings but don’t have the time to check their social media accounts multiple times a day. Simply let your meeting software be integrated with your preferred social media platform, and you’re good to go!

  • CRM Integration

Almost every company today relies on some form of customer relationship management (CRM) software in order to keep track of their customers. This means that your participants can easily access their meeting agenda, notes, and other relevant information from their CRM software.

Suppose you’re using a web conferencing platform like Adobe Connect. In that case, this integration is easy to set up – just enter your CRM login information into the “Integration” section of your account settings. But make sure to check the Adobe Connect Pricing page to make an optimal decision.

Enterprise Scalability

Many meeting organizers worry about enterprise scalability when setting up a virtual meeting. After all, how can we expect participants to participate in a meeting from anywhere in the world without any problems?

The answer is surprisingly simple: don’t worry too much about it! Most web conferencing platforms offer unlimited user accounts and support for simultaneous participants.

This means that your group will be able to easily hold meetings with as many people as needed – no matter how large they are!

  • Website Integration

Another great way to participate in virtual meetings is by integrating your meeting website with a web conferencing platform. This will allow participants to directly access the meeting agenda, notes, and other relevant information from the website.

Also, many platforms offer social media integration so participants can easily share the meeting content with their friends and followers. This will help to increase attendance and engagement at your meetings!


A meeting is more than just a place for exchanging information and ideas but also an opportunity to understand each other’s points of view. With the right customization features, you can make your virtual meetings an enjoyable experience that will lead to fruitful results.

That said, what kind of customization features do you like most?

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