Holiday season is upon us and if you’re a gamer then it’s typically around this time where game companies, particularly the “BIG 3” (Nintendo, XBOX, Playstation) put together their best deals.

Well, Microsoft and the good people over at XBOX have some great deals overall but the holiday season in particular is when you’ll get the best deal possible that will bring right along into the best ecosystem in gaming if you aren’t already.


What is being offered you ask? For starters the XBOX Series S. It’s been hit of epic proportion in because of its size and affordability. It’s perfect for the younger kids of the household and also for the gamer that doesn’t necessarily want to play in 4k or use physical media. Surprisingly, it’s a great travel console with a ton of accessories that you can with it as well. At $299 the XBOX Series S is a deal because you get so much for so little. Did I mention it’s great for kids? You can use the XBOX FAMILY SETTINGS APP to customize child accounts for safety, time limits, manage who they play and communicate with, etc. It’s available for Android and iOS free of charge. That’s another incentive right there.


The big bad XBOX Series X and that’s meant to be complimentary. This is the ultimate gaming console if you’re serious about your XBOX games. You can play all of your XBOX games in stunning detail because of the powerhouse that the XBOX Series X is. It’s supports native 4k/60, Dolby Vision and you can use your physical media.

The XBOX Series X is also feature packed with things like Quick Resume that allow you pick up your game lightning fast wherever you left off. You can add expandable storage, and the list of things you can do with XBOX’s premier machine is so much consider when figuring out which XBOX to buy.


Game Pass is the ultimate (no pun intended) gaming subscription service. There is no better value in gaming like Game Pass and if you’re buying yourself or a family member an XBOX Series console this holiday then they’re gonna need some games to play and you can do so for a small monthly subscription fee or you do it annually. Game Pass gives you a lot for the money. What do you get exactly?

A gift of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes:
-Instant access to hundreds of high-quality games, including day one releases from Xbox Game Studios like “Halo Infinite,” “Forza Horizon 5,” “Age of Empires IV,” “Minecraft,” and many great games from our partners like “Among Us,” “MLB The Show 22,” and upcoming Game Pass releases including “Persona 5 Royal,” “High On Life,” and “A Plague Tale: Requiem.”

– An EA Play membership, which includes games from your favorite franchises including “Madden NFL 22,” “FIFA 22,” and “Star Wars: Squadrons” —at no extra cost!
– Enjoy your favorite games via Xbox Cloud Gaming on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PCs, Android phones and tablets, Apple phones and tablets, and 2022 Samsung Smart TVs. With no waiting or downloads required, players can hop into the game as soon as they receive their gift!

– All of the benefits of Xbox Live Gold including online console multiplayer, Games with Gold, and exclusive member deals in the Xbox Store


What’s almost as good as getting a new XBOX console for the holidays? Getting a custom made controller from the XBOX Design Lab. If you’re in the market for a controller that’s unique to you than this is the place to do it. There are standard default colorways and special edition colorways but the best way is to personalize it. You can personalize everything on your controller from the buttons to the triggers to the analog sticks, whatever, and after you do that, you can put your name on it, put it your cart and BAM! Custom controller at our door that’s like nobody else’s. Prices start at $69.99 and if you’re interested then look no further than right HERE and customize a controller


XBOX ALL ACCESS is basically a one stop shop to getting an XBOX console and XBOX game pass ultimate via a monthly payment option if by chance you can’t spend the money all at once. XBOX ALL ACCESS ensures that you or a loved one won’t miss out on getting a XBOX. Check out what you get below:

Xbox All Access is your all-inclusive pass to the next generation of video games. Players get their choice of a new Xbox console and two years of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (in other words, instant access to a library of hundreds of games for no additional cost)

With plans starting at $24.99/month for 24 months, Xbox All Access has no upfront costs and is available through your favorite retailers.

A gift of Xbox All Access includes:
• A brand-new Xbox Series S or Series X console
• 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
• The ability to play games on your mobile phone, console, PC or tablet with Xbox Cloud Gaming and online multiplayer to game against your frie
nds and family


This Holiday season you have every reason to get an XBOX and get into the best gaming ecosystem that there is, hands down. Aside from the hardware you can sign into your XBOX account and play your games on ANY device as long as there’s an internet connection. Microsoft has got you covered for all your gamer gift needs. These offers and options and super dope. These offers will make sure that you and your loved ones will have a great holiday season.

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