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The COVID-19 pandemic has started to decline, and more establishments are going back to business as usual. However, most people are now used to doing a lot of stuff at home after many months of lockdown. One of these is working out to stay fit while gyms are closed. With this in mind, people have started to buy smart fitness machines for a whole new level of exercise, like many gamblers who have begun to play fast casinos online or nopeat kasinot in Finnish. 

So, what makes these modern pieces of gym equipment stand out from their old counterparts? Smart home gym equipment connects to the internet. Often, these machines include a screen where you can watch workouts. Still, some have a connected app that allows you to manage sessions on any monitor like TV or phone.

Benefits of Smart Home Gym Equipment

Smart gym equipment can level up your workout experience compared to their less expensive, non-connected predecessors. Most provide a vast library of guided sessions given by competent instructors, as well as tailored workouts and programs designed to your specific goals and personal fitness level. Imagine having a private gym instructor at the comfort of your home.

Now that you know its advantage, let’s look at the top smart home gym equipment for 2022!

Smart Stationary Bikes

Choose a stationary bike if you want super quiet exercise equipment. They’re almost soundless when connected with Bluetooth headphones that many smart machines support. However, you might feel a little uncomfortable at first until you get used to the seat. But this indoor cycling class can make you sweat more than other forms of exercise.

Suppose you enjoy luxury cycling classes with a bit of competition from a leaderboard, good music, and energetic instructors. In that case, the Echelon EX5s and its competitor Peloton Bike are what you need. Both offer a similar experience without leaving your home. 

On the other hand, the SoulCycle At-Home Bike provides a more meditative and dance-oriented workout. The SoulCycle’s purpose is to keep your tempo to the rhythm of the music, not to get to the leaderboard. When you conclude a SoulCycle session, a summary screen displays your Beat Match score, which ranges from zero to 100 percent, and shows how well your pace matched the music’s beat.

Smart Treadmills

Treadmills are, without a doubt, the most prominent at-home workout equipment. They let you do diverse activities on one device, such as walking, running, sprinting, jogging, and trekking. Bicycle seats can be painful in the butt, and rowing can be scary to newbies. On the other hand, Treadmills are pleasant for many as they are accessible and user-friendly. After all, walking is just something we do regularly.

However, treadmills are often relatively expensive, difficult to install, loud, and huge. For instance, the NordicTrack Commercial 2950 needs a high ceiling. Its belt reaches 17.25 inches above the ground when wholly inclined. When considering if your ceiling can accommodate the machine, take these measurements and the height of the tallest member in your household into account. Remember this to know if a smart treadmill will fit in your room.

When combined with various outdoor workouts featured on their platforms, most smart treadmills can instantly alter your pace, inclination, and descent, providing an interactive experience. While in hiking mode, the treadmill will begin to incline as soon as the instructor starts to climb a hill, giving the impression that you are working out alongside them. Smart treadmills commonly offer various workouts in addition to running, like strength and yoga, enhancing the value of their subscription.

Smart Workout Mirrors

The smart mirror is an excellent choice if you don’t have enough space. The Mirror and its competitor, the Echelon Reflect, are wall-mounted and take up no floor space. You only need a space for a yoga mat during your workout. 

The Mirror shows both you and the instructor during a session, helping you check your form. It resembles a traditional mirror if not in use so that you may use it in your living room. 

Smart Rowing Machines

Rowing is among the most thrilling types of exercise. It’s also one of the most efficient. It provides a full-body, low-impact aerobic workout with minimum strain on your joints, mainly your knees.

Rowing is a challenging sport that needs practice and coaching to learn. Your arms may be the focus, but it’s 60 percent legs if you do it correctly. You risk hurting your spine if done incorrectly, obstructing your fitness goals.

The instructors on this smart home gym equipment, like the NordicTrack RW900 and Hydrow, break down the rowing method, helping you learn how to row. They constantly emphasize the correct format. Both machines feature astonishing outdoor rows recorded in diverse places worldwide and Olympians and world champions as instructors.

Final Thoughts

While many technologies can lead you to a sedentary lifestyle, some of them allow you to stay fit and have proper exercise without going to a physical gym. Adding a fitness tracker to these machines will help you measure your performance, pushing you to stay active to hit your fitness goals. This article should help you decide which smart equipment is best for you and the available space at your home.

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