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Hello, everyone! So I’ve been seeing a lot of issues lately about fonts. Even though it can be fun and easy to choose the font you want for your videos, it can also get very frustrating when your video has mismatched fonts or simply doesn’t look good at all. These 10 tips will help assist you with choosing and using fonts for your next YT video.

1. Make Sure You’re Using Free Fonts!

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Fonts are free? That’s a lie!” Well, you can get fonts that are free to use online and that download into your computer system. For example, Google Fonts is an awesome website where you can download many different, free fonts. Another website is Font Squirrel (which has an AMAZING selection of high-quality paid fonts).

2. The Aesthetic Fonts You Choose Should Look Good!

This one should be straightforward enough but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t take the time to look at the font they’re using in their videos. Take a good look at the font you chose and make sure it fits with your video. For example, if you’re doing a cooking show, keep away from cursive fonts. If you were doing an ASMR video or talking about ghosts, Comic Sans would be appropriate to use.

3. Test It Out Before Uploading!

I cannot stress this one enough. Make sure to upload the video with the font that you’ve chosen beforehand just to test it out before putting it on YouTube. This is important because some fonts are very small, which means they may not fit the whole script in the video. Also, make sure your video fits well with your choice of font because you won’t know until you upload it.


4. Don’t Be Entirely Consumed By The Font!

Fonts are nice and all but they aren’t the end-all-be-all to a good video. If your font is really neat and unique but doesn’t match your content, then we have a problem. Make sure to take a good look at the overall video and see if everything matches well together.

5. Make Sure The Cursive Fonts Are Legible!

This one is pretty important because it can make or break your video depending on how the audience reacts to the script you’ve written for them. Take a good look at what you’re going to type before you even copy and paste it into your video. If it looks like a mistake, then the audience will think the mistake is in your script or in what you’re saying. Also, make sure that the words fit in with the font you’ve chosen to use!

6. Don’t Use More Than 2-3 Different Fonts In A Video!   

This isn’t a formal rule set by anyone but if you’re using more than 3 fonts in a video, it probably looks awful and unprofessional. If you must use more than 3 different fonts, then at least vary them to where they don’t look like the same font just with a different effect on it. Using more than 2 fonts in your video can make it look unprofessional and like you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s important to use fonts that fit the tone of your video and that are easy to read. Varying the fonts can make your video look a little bit more interesting, but don’t go overboard.

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7. Fonts Can Be A Time Saver!   

This is one I’ve noticed a lot with people and their videos: they use multiple fonts in hopes of making it stand out more to viewers but instead make it look like a mix-matching mess. Look, we get it; you want your video to stand out from others and grab people’s attention. But you have to realize that using too many fonts can take time away from other parts of your video.

8. You Can Make Your Cool Fonts!   

This isn’t a tip so much as a cool fact for you all: yes, it is possible to make your fonts for YouTube! It’s a simple process and you’ll be surprised at how creative you can get. There are even free programs out there that will allow you to make your fonts from photos, pictures, or anything else as well as make them look as neat as the paid ones. I won’t go too much into detail about this one because if you’re interested, there are many articles online that can teach you how to do it.

9. Be Creative!   

There’s nothing wrong with using the same font as others but just changing the color or size of it so it doesn’t look like the other one. It shows your audience that you’re thinking about what fonts go best with your content and they might even catch onto what you’ve done. If people see a lot of the same fonts used in videos, they will most likely think it looks extremely unprofessional and thus avoid watching those types of videos altogether.

10. Don’t Be Afraid To Have Fun With It!   

Some people can be very serious when choosing their fonts and they end up making them look too harsh or hard to read. If you’re going for a more serious tone, then don’t go for a light color with a bright font because it won’t seem professional at all. Even if you’re going for a more comedic approach, then make sure the font matches your script well! Fonts are meant to make your script look cleaner; you don’t want it to distract the audience or keep them from reading it in its entirety.


Experiment with fonts, but don’t go overboard with them. Remember that YouTube is the main source of income for most YouTubers so you want to make sure they’re getting something out of your videos. Don’t use too many different fonts in a video because it can leave viewers wondering what’s going on or if they missed something important.

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