Wasserstein Pistol Grips

This is going to be a really quick review because, in all honesty, some of these accessories you see for the META Quest 2 that attach to the controllers might look cool, but don’t serve any real function. For instance, Wasserstein was kind enough to send over their Wasserstein FPS Gaming Accessory, which is basically two pistol-like additions for your Quest 2 controllers. These are pretty nice-looking additions, but when you’re in VR that’s where you start realizing that they don’t really do much since you can’t even see them while you play.

The Wasserstein FPS Gaming Accessory is meant for those who play first-person shooters on the META Quest 2. These are nearly full-on pistol additions that include a grip cover and the barrel with a non-functioning hammer. Each side comes in three pieces that need to be assembled. Basically, you just slip the new grips over the controller and then snap the barrel and hammer in place. Once that’s done, it all feels pretty sturdy and fits like a glove. It does add a tiny bit of weight though, but it doesn’t throw off the balance of the controllers. The color also matches up quite well.

Wasserstein Pistol Grips

For the most part, they do look pretty cool though and people watching you play will see them. However, you, in general, can’t see them and when you’re in VR on the Quest 2, your controllers will still just look like normal controllers unless you so happen to be holding pistols in a game. Even then, they won’t look like these.

So what is the Wasserstein FPS Gaming Accessory good for? It’s basically just aesthetics and maybe some added protection for your controllers. This isn’t really a must-have item but if you must-have pistol grips, these are pretty good. They feel good in your hands, are very solid, don’t rattle around, and actually don’t cost that much at all.

You can grab yourself the Wasserstein FPS Gaming Accessory here on Amazon.

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