While you really shouldn’t be plugged into VR for hours on end, you could thanks to the Wasserstein Quest 2 Head Strap with a built-in 5000 mAh Battery. The recommended amount of time to be in VR is roughly about 15-30 minutes, but sometimes you just lose track of time. Time on the Quest 2 can also be an issue considering that the battery only lasts about 3 hours per charge, which means you honestly don’t really get to spend that much time in virtual reality before having to plug it in again to power up. But with an added battery pack, you can go for longer between charges and don’t have to sacrifice comfort in the process.

The Wasserstein Quest 2 Head Strap is a complete replacement for the stock head strap which honestly, isn’t very good. It’s very flimsy and doesn’t do much in the way of support or comfort. On the other hand, the Wasserstein Quest 2 Head Strap has a molded battery pack on the back that is padded and shaped to follow the curves of the back of your head. The side straps have Velcro so it makes it easier to adjust to the size you need and the top strap is the same way.

What I like is that the straps are black and not white like the originals. That means they won’t get dirty looking and adds a bit of contrast to what is would otherwise be an all-white headset. They have a bit of stretch to them too so that helps a bit with the comfort. Speaking of comfort, I mentioned the cushioned padding on the battery pack which makes it much more comfortable on the back of your head. Not to mention that the added weight of the battery helps even out the weight distribution of everything in general so it’s no longer so front-heavy.

Anyways, to use the battery pack, you just plug in the built-in USB-C cable to the charging port on your Quest 2. From there it’ll just keep your Quest 2 charged up until its own battery depletes. You’ll get around 4-6 hours of additional power which is plenty of time for you to enjoy your Quest 2 throughout the day without needing to plug it in.

So is it worth picking up the Wasserstein Quest 2 Head Strap if you own a Quest 2? I would say it is a great alternative to the stock strap. Not only does it make wearing your Quest 2 feel more comfortable, but it can also extend usage times up to 6-hours. It does add some extra weight to the overall setup, but it helps to even out weight distribution so all the weight feels more centered and less front-heavy. It also seems pretty well made so should hold up well over time. The price isn’t too bad either.

The Wasserstein Quest 2 Elite Headstrap + 5000mAh battery pack is available now on Amazon.

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