Monster Vertex Surge Protector

When it comes to powering all your devices, we don’t really think about surge protectors all that much. Well, at least I didn’t. I used to be content with just using any old surge protecting power strip on my entertainment systems and that was enough. For the most part, it is, but if you really want something that protects, looks great, and has an integrated USB hub, look no further than the Monster Vertex Surge Protector with 3000J of surge protection.

For starters, the Monster Vertex Surge Protector looks pretty cool. It’s mainly all black with some red accents here and there and has a futuristic type look to it. There are six power outlets located on the top of it with three on each adjacent side. What makes the Monster Vertex different from others though is the attached USB Hub that can be detached and mounted elsewhere, for instance on your desk instead of on the floor. It does this via a 4ft extension that when not in use, can be wrapped around the sure protector and stowed away.

Monster Vertex Surge Protector

The USB Hub has two USB-A ports at 2.4 Amps and one 20 Watt USB-C PD port. These ports provide stable charging for most phones and accessories. If you need fast charging, stick to the 20W USB-C PF port for that. With six outlets and three USB ports, you should have enough to power and charge most of all your devices.

I used this on my television gaming setup so I have my television plugged in, along with my game consoles, my soundbar, and my controller charger all hooked up nice and neat. With the USB Hub, I placed that on the table so that I can charge my phone or other controls when needed.

Monster Vertex Surge Protector

I wouldn’t use this with my gaming PC however as I’d want something with a battery backup for that, but for my gaming center and television, this is perfect. There are enough ports for all my devices and the added USB ports are handy so I don’t need extra charging blocks to take up precious outlets. I also appreciate the handy features of being able to place the USB hub somewhere else, making it easier to reach.

So with that said, the Monster Vertex Surge Protector is a worthwhile purchase if you need good surge protection for your entertainment setup. Monster offers a lifetime warranty with this and has a $200,000 connected equipment guarantee. It is a little pricey though at around $100.

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