2018 was a phenomenal gaming year for me; Monster Hunter: World, Red Dead Redemption 2, Dead Cells and of course God of War launched with mastercraft quality alongside its reception. God of War is the latest of the Sony titles to finally launch on PC and with absolute delight, most PC players – if not all – doesn’t need to upgrade their machines to run it beautifully.

I’ve seen my friends, who some still have a GTX 1060, run God of War at 1080p 60fps on original graphics preset which is insane to me. I’m currently playing on a RTX3080 with an ultra-wide monitor which is the most beautiful thing I’ve experienced. Yes, God of War to me is one of the best in gaming history and I’m stoked it’s available to a wider audience.

With this port, you’re able to utilize technologies like DLSS or AMD Super Resolution to have AI work on maintaining high resolution at any graphics preset with little cost to performance. Want better response? Nvidia Reflex is available for those who want’s an even snappier response with their combos. Additionally, you’ll get higher polygon counts on character models, better textures, shadows and affects alongside enhanced screen spaced reflection; It’s not Raytracing, but it’ll do. If you want to pump out Ultra settings with 4K resolution and 120hz? by all means, do it.

It’s easy to forget this is a 4-year-old game. With reports suggesting that PlayStation studio’s pushed Sony to launch God of War – let’s hope with the excitement surrounding God of War on PC (plus it’s tremendous sales) it’ll push Sony to also release God of War Ragnarök, The Last of Us, Horizon II Forbidden West and the rest of their beloved first party titles as well.

I’m excited to replay this incredible piece of art – and for those of you experiencing for the first time, I sorta envy you. Sorta.

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