Earlier this week Sony unveiled details about PlayStation VR2 via PlayStation Blog, detailing their vision in next-generation VR capabilities. Naturally, the internet does what it does best and unleashed a flood of potential information and rumors regarding PSVR2 – and one rumor in particular is Half Life: Alyx coming to PlayStation VR2.

Nick Baker, an Xbox Era founder, is a credible insider who replied to a tweet wondering if Sony and Valve has spoken about bringing Half Life: Alyx to PlayStation VR2. Nick’s reply seems to show that he was particularly surprised that it wasn’t an open secret – indeed it is happening, or at least he was told that it’s happening.

Half Life: Alyx is easily regarded as the best VR game to date, and one that sets a baseline in quality, it is a no brainer that it should be part of the PS VR2 lineup. It took me a year to finally play this masterpiece, and after spending 16hrs on my first playthrough, there’s no denying the phenomenal piece of work Valve developed for fans of the series.

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