I’m a long-time lover of Android Auto. Whenever I review cars, I definitely deduct points if they don’t have wired Android Auto and Apple Carplay. While I’m not so much worried about Apple Carplay, as a #TeamAndroid user, I need Android Auto and Google Maps on deck when riding around. I absolutely loved having it in my 2017 Chevy Cruze LT, with one glaring issue……wires!

I’ve been #TeamNoWires #TeamWireless since probably about 2018 or 2019. In my home, I try to go with as few wires as possible. And definitely when in a car, having to use a USB cable to connect my phone to the USB port to get Android Auto was always a pain point for me. Even more so when I reviewed cars from 2020 and 2021 one that still insisted on the wired version of it. These are cars that even included wireless charging for your phone, but you still needed a wire to use Android Auto, really!

However, there have been groups who have seen this problem and worked to resolve it. Definitely seen some products on the Kickstarter circuit that I have seen with promise. And while those folks definitely get kudos, for Motorola to step into the market and announce at CES 2022, a solution to this very real issue, is excellent to see. Their Motorola MA1 adapter will plug into the USB port you use for Android Auto, you’d connect it via Bluetooth to your phone, and then you are off to the races! You’d now be able to use Android Auto wirelessly in your car and no fussing with any cables, and potential cable disconnect the wired version was pronged to. This is really amazing, and I’m excited about it.

Now while I personally don’t have this issue anymore now that my daily driver is a Tesla and Android Auto isn’t an option for me, this will be a no-brainer purchase if you have an older car where wired was the only option. Or if you picked up a car in 2021 or even this year but it is one of the lower trims and the brand for whatever reason decided in 2022 not to include wireless from the start! The Motorola MA1 is going to retail for $89.95 (not bad, especially since you will want to use this every time you’re in the car) and will be available to ship from January 30, 2022! Definitely be sure to check this one out!


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