Halo loyalists rejoice! If you were at up at 6AM this morning, you got to see live what is the new and updated campaign gameplay for the highly anticipated Halo Infinite campaign.

When we saw was Halo Infinite back in June 2020, we were left with a bad feeling about the direction of Halo. It wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t what we expected as Halo fans. 343 who is developing Halo Infinite heard the complaints and felt the overall mood of what the fans were thinking and went back to the drawing board and promised a much better version of Halo Infinite the closer we get to release.

TODAY IS THAT DAY! The Halo Infinite trailer is glorious. It’s much improved and it shows how much work 343 put into making this game what we as Halo fans want. This game picks right up from Halo 5 and shows Master Chief searching for Cortana as part of the main focus of this campaign.

The trailer is a hair above 6 minutes long and in the trailer you can see the open world that Halo Infinite is or appears to be. There are a lot of new weapons, enemies, vehicles and for now you’ll be working with a new AI form called “The Weapon”.

Halo Infinite shows off an RPG element as the Banished seemed to be spread out all over the region. You can expect a ton of side quests and weapon hunts in this game. Master Chief also appears to be getting a lot of customization with weapons, vehicles and his own equipment.

Based on the trailer, Halo Infinite’s campaign looks like a ton of fun and will be available on Xbox Series S/X and PC with Game Pass on day one. Even with the new campaign, you’ll be playing in solo mode from the onset and still no forge mode on launch day which is December 8th but no worries we’ll get it eventually. For now, the Halo Infinite campaign looks really good and we should all be excited to play a good game whether you’re a Halo fan or not.

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