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Cybersecurity is something that even small businesses should take seriously. Whether you have online accounts, a business website, or web-based infrastructure, you may be at risk for a cyberattack. Though cyberattacks are often linked to high-profile and big companies like banks, corporations, and more, small businesses can also be the target of disgruntled parties, competitors, and cybercriminals. And since small businesses usually have the least protected sites, network systems, and limited resources, this makes cyberattacks an easy job.

To protect your business, you need solid security solutions to start with. These are types of solutions protecting your small business information from within and ensure that only the authorized people can access your data. Security solutions also make sure that your cloud system has the right security in place to prevent data breaches. These are the eight security solutions for small business that only the following best companies can offer:

  1. Contextis

The company can help your small business in managing cyber risks, deterring, detecting, and responding even to highly sophisticated cyberattacks. Contextis does a great job in the following:

  • Risk assessment and compliance
  • Cyber strategy and transformation programs
  • Security design and architecture
  • Threat assessment and management
  • Incident management and response
  • Threat hunting
  • Penetration testing
  • Compromise assessments
  • Security operation consultancy
  • Simulated targeted online attacks
  • Mobile device and application security
  • Product security
  • Phishing
  • Vulnerability scanning and more.

Contextis is the company that the modern small business needs. Their services include a comprehensive portfolio of advanced technical cybersecurity solutions.

2. Red Canary

Red Canary offers trusted cloud-based cybersecurity solutions with a complete range of tools for responding as well as managing cybersecurity threats. The company’s platform will alert the users from possible risks to security, and they can respond to these in just a matter of seconds through alert management, endpoint telemetry, and cloud-environment runtime threat detection capability.

3. Perimeter 81

This company does not just offer the best security solutions for small businesses but also transforms secure access for the remote business workforce. With Perimeter 81, you can now say goodbye to previous legacy hardware and discover and enjoy the benefits of their top Secure Access Service Edge or SASE. The company makes sure that your small business is fully protected from security threats and also protects your business’s most valuable assets.

4. Sailpoint Technologies

The company specializes in risk management, identity management, and data security. This helps businesses answer important questions such as who is allowed to access, who should access, what’s being accessed or used. The products offered by this company include but are not limited to Identity IQ, password management, and many other business functions. The SecurityQ allows businesses to regulate access, particularly to sensitive information. Another product is IdentityNow. This provides password management and single sign-in.

5. Lookout Mobile Security

Computers are not the only ones at risk of security breaches. This company is all about safeguarding even small businesses against online threats and cyberattacks, particularly on tablets and phones. This does its work by anticipating, predicting, and protecting against different types of mobile threats like data leakages, malware, and other risks linked with jailbroken and sideloaded apps.

The company also offers complete visibility of devices and provides advanced tools in managing app vendors and dealing with risks, investigating incidents, and ensuring compliance with company policies and security regulations.

Network safety for businesses is tied in with protecting a business’s computer-based data and equipment from unapproved and unintended access, change, theft, or exploitation. Regardless of whether a business considers carrying out cloud computing or just intending to maintain a site and using emails, cybersecurity must be an integral component of their plan. Business owners, including those who own and run a small business, must keep in mind that every business which utilizes the Internet is obligated to establish a culture of safety that will extraordinarily upgrade business and enhance the confidence of their customers. The best security solutions provided by the leading companies mentioned above can certainly boost not just business reputation but its security as well. Investing in the best security solutions also paves the way for better opportunities for small businesses.

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