When you see the name LinearFlux it maybe one you never heard before but the minds behind it have been involved in the audio industry for quite some time. Co-Founders Einstein Galang and David “DL” Leung have worked behind the scenes of Beats (By Dre) and Monster (Products) back in their most popular of days. Having rocked with both brands before I thought I would give their HyperSonic a listen to see where they stand in the true wireless arena.


LinearFlux has focused on neon or rather what they are calling Acid Green and Black as their colorway for their line of earbuds and it is a bold choice. Acid Green makes them look funky (not in a bad way) and stand out from the usual colors you see in earbuds. The charging case has the “LinearFlux” name plastered across it while opening it up you get the “HyperSonic” in huge font. Case does support wireless charging meaning you can throw these on any QI wireless charging pad, or you can just opt for charging via the Type-C port on the back. The case itself feels light and can easily go in a pocket. I am not a fan of opening it as sometimes I feel you got to give it a bit oomph. It does feel durable though.

As for the earbuds themselves LinearFlux made sure to cater them to various wearers of earbuds. They come with Sport Hooks and Comfort Shells in either Acid Green or Black. I personally opted for the Sport Hooks as I never have great luck w/ earbuds staying in without them. Hypersonic are rated IPX7 which makes them waterproof under 1 meter in water for 30mins. So these could be good for a quick swim or intense workout. Keep in mind the case is not though.

LinearFlux HyperSonic comes with a wireless charging case, various ear tips, and a Type-C USB Cable.


Each earbud has clickable buttons that can be used for play/pause controls or if held they can activate your voice assistant which I used with my Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. While they do work successfully, the issue is it’s a bit hard to press them. Doing so sometimes I have to try and hold the earbud without also pressing it into my ear canal. Buttons at least for me needed to be a tad easier to utilize. I also wish there were an app to possibly change the options for the buttons which has started to become a thing more with true wireless earbuds. On the battery side they seem to hold up to its advertised 20+ hour lifespan. They are using Bluetooth 5.0 and connection wise I don’t recall coming across any distortion or loss which is good.


Hypersonic are using what LinearFlux calls “3D HyperDriver” drivers and a DL01 Immersive Sound Engine. This is all supposed to equal killer sound and it hits in some areas. Bass is thumping when playing tracks like “Plug Walk” or “Look Alive”. Vocals don’t sound bad when listening to tracks like “Sue Me” by Wale even though they feel more pushed in the forefront. This is may or may not bother some and since there is no way to adjust it you are pretty much stuck with it. LinearFlux has tuned these earbuds to work with streaming apps such as Apple Music, Pandora and Spotify amongst others. I have used it mostly with Spotify and Tidal.


LinearFlux’s HyperSonic true wireless earbuds hit in some areas that those will like. Nice amount of battery life, various ways of wearing them, and are pretty bass heavy for those out there that love that. Only gripe I think I had with these was the stiff button presses and wishing there were an accompanying app to adjust the buttons and audio to my liking.

These aren’t a bad pair of TWS for $99.99(currently $79 on Amazon) and would be interested to see what LinearFlux has up their sleeve next with in this department.

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