Two days left before the conclusion of Season of the Arrivals – with the extended months that followed after Beyond Light’s delay, fatigue to elite players like myself was at an all-time high. Fans have been wondering if Bungie was going to finish the season with a bang similar to the destruction of the Almighty. After all, we have ominous Darkness Pyramid ships hovering over Io, Mercury, Mars, and Titan.

Finally, information is out in the wild – by accident it seems – which was later confirmed by Bungie’s Director, Luke Smith shortly after.

On Thurs Nov 5th, an email went out which said the following:

Be sure to catch the finale of the Season and see the conclusion before Beyond Light releases. For more information on what is coming, read the new This Week at Bungie now.

Can’t sound any more ‘Live Event’ than that – yet looking back at the TWAB, there seem to be no information regarding it.

Eventually, Luke Smith had to chime in a few hours into the day:

Yup, something is definitely planned – but we don’t have an concrete time as to when. Seems like another event happening in the tower – and yes….Luke’s tweet is a bit cryptic. Capitalizing “Light” and “A little time to chill in the Tower” indicates to me an event between the Traveler and Darkness. Maybe forcing the Traveler away from the backdrop of the social space?

However, before any of this occurs, you’ll notice Bungie has said that on Monday at 7pm ET, players will be removed from activities and asked to download a small update before logging back in. The implication here is to avoid any leaks? In either case, it is best to log in at 7pm ET and wait to see what happens, because shortly after, a massive server shut down starts at 10pm ET rendering Destiny 2 to be offline for 14hrs.

I am glad Bungie is planning a Live Event – I find them to be riveting and you should be excited as it is something to bring the community together while maintaining the immersion factor. This is all highly related to the planets disappearing and it has been confirmed in this ViDoc that one of the story elements will be about the missing planets.

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