Beyond Light is just 2 days away, and if you are anything like me, many of you might have fallen off with Destiny news – that’s because season fatigue is a problem even for veterans like myself; I needed a break.

Now would be a great time to recap on all the key points and changes happening to Destiny 2. Lets get into it:

New Season of the Hunt: Off the bat, there’s a new season coming to Destiny 2 called Season of the Hunt – I know this is obvious, but it is worth noting that there are more content coming on top of Beyond Light.

You Will Have to Redownload Destiny 2: Yes, you will have to redownload Destiny 2 when Beyond Light launches. This is to implement the overhaul of new changes and updates coming to the game, and also to help remove the content that no longer would be viable going forward. Hopefully, this would also help against PC cheaters too….

New Entry Experience for New Light Players: New players will experience a new entry experience, look forward to that!

Everyone Will Start at Power 1050: Any player below 1050 will be buffed to match it, anyone above it would stay at that current state.

A Host of Rebalances to Mods and More: You will find all the information regarding this here, but basically all mods are getting a rebalance to help mitigate any throttling.

Sunsetting Weapons: Recluse, Not Forgotten, Beloved, Redricks Broadsword….these weapons has plagued the Crucible and endgame content for 3 years now, leaving no room for experimentation and outshining new weapons in the process. Bungie has decided to sunset weapons like these, making them non-viable for future endgame content and Trials of Osiris. This is a hard pill to swallow considering the hours poured into farming godrolls of weapons like Gnawing Hunger and Dire Promise; to this day, it is still a sour thing to withstand. It remains to be seen whether or not Bungie will deliver in giving us even more powerful and unique weapons in the process.

Furthering the Darkness Plot Teased Since the Beginning: Since the dawn of Destiny, the Traveler has risen us to protect humanity against the impending Darkness threat. Destiny 2 has been teasing the plot in Forsaken but before that, anything regarding it were nonexistent. Finally, we will be diving into the depths of it head on.

Europa’s Weather System: Europa will have a weather system that should alter the environment in drastic ways – obscuring your vision only to be surrounded suddenly.

Same Enemies, New Foes: We will be fighting Vex and Fallen this time around, again….but they will be accompanied with new enemy types that should change the flow of combat. We need new enemies altogether Bungie!

Beyond Light is Larger than Shadowkeep but Smaller than Forsaken: This is true, Beyond Light will not be as large as Forsaken, but it doesn’t mean it’ll be as small as Shadowkeep; keep in mind that during Activision’s acquisition, large funding were made available for Bungie’s development (albeit limited in many ways) – Bungie had partnered with Vicarious Visions to help create content for Forsaken; it is why that expansion was so massive to begin with. Beyond Light has no such help, yet it is impressive to see Bungie managing an expansion larger than Shadowkeep during a pandemic. Much respect.

Destiny Content Vault (DCV): Bungie has created a tool to remove content from Destiny 2 to make room for newer ones at the benefitted rate of lowering overall storage space. This doesn’t mean that content would be put away forever, but rather it would be rotated yearly with improved aspects, alongside bringing Destiny 1 content into Destiny 2 for no additional cost.

Buying Vaulted Raid Exotics Through ‘Monument to Lost Lights Exotic Archive’: Alongside the disappearing planets, old raids like The Leviathan, Spire of Stars and Scourge of the Past will be vaulted too. However, Bungie will introduce a vendor where you can buy their respective Exotics called Monument to Lost Lights Exotic. It will not be a case of Glimmer stacking however, you’ll need a stack of Glimmer, destination materials, masterworking materials, and an Exotic Cipher or Ascendant Shard in order to purchase the Exotic or Legendary gear that your black heart desires. It is to reflect the hard work players endured in earning these exotics years before.

New Darkness Subclass and Skill Tree: A new element and subclass will be available in Beyond Light called Stasis. It’ll be the first of many variations and a stepping stone into bringing a full on RPG element into the game. Within the Stasis subclass you’ll be able to modify your build with new items called Aspects and Fragments, found in your journey.

Ghost Will Have Mod Slots and Speed Demon is Now Embedded to Every Sparrow: One of the sought after Ghost perks is Speed Demon – having the ability to summon your Sparrow instantly is convenient to say the least. Bungie recognizes this and has removed the need to farm Ghost for such perk and made it entirely embedded into all Sparrows by default. Alongside this is the ability to mod your Ghost with unique perks – that means you can rock your favorite looking ghost and alter it as freely as you’d like.

Destiny 2’s Current and Future Content Will Be Forward Compatible in Next Gen, At No Extra Cost: Any current content you own will transfer over to your next-gen console for free, alongside inter-generational cross-play between whatever console family you prefer. That means, PS4 players can play with PS5 players and vice versa. Cross-play between all platforms will come at a later date.

Destiny 2 Next-Gen Upgrade: Destiny 2 will get a facelift in it’s engine for the PS5 and Xbox Series X – 4K resolution alongside 60fps for that visceral buttery smoothness. Additionally, new gameplay modifiers will become available like a Field of View Slider – much needed; also coupled with an engine update for AI and other elements within the game. In a couple years, Destiny 2 will feel entirely different.

Bounty Farming Changes: Bounties will be revamped almost entirely to bare more fruit for your effort while simultaneously not having you focus farm it to progress.

Returning Cosmodrome, Free for Everyone: The fabled Cosmodrome returns in Beyond Light for all players – altered in ways that should be meaningful.

The Deep Stone Crypt: Europa is the birth place of the Exo race, it is also a very dark place of experimentation against the will of humanity. In this expansion, we’ll be diving deep into the lore of the Exo’s, uncovering shocking secrets. Also, the new Raid takes place within the Deep Stone Crypt.

World’s First Raid Completion Changes: Destiny 2’s new raid will be 11 days after Beyond Light launches on November 21st at 1pm ET. Contest mode will be active for the first 24hours, so whatever power level you are, all players will be capped 20 power level below in each encounter. The raid should be designed differently as Fragments and Aspects would play a huge role into your descent.

That about covers most of the significant changes coming to Beyond Light. I am sure Bungie has plenty of secrets under their sleeves, and I can not wait to experience them all. See you on the far side!

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