After five years we are getting the next installment in the Batman universe with Gotham Knights. This game is coming from Warner Bros Montreal who handled Arkham: Origins rather than Rocksteady that did the critically acclaimed Arkham trilogy (Asylum, City, and Knight). While Origins wasn’t a bad game it didn’t have the polish, the other games had.

Based on the trailer we are seeing Bruce Wayne aka Batman is dead and the Gotham Knights consisting of Batgirl, Robin, Red Hood, and Nightwing are taking over and providing its own form of justice. While it hasn’t been said people are wondering if this game takes place after “Knight” or is an entirely new storyline on its own. With the events that have taken place to some of these heroes / villains in the prior game it doesn’t seem likely, but we will see as more of the game is revealed upon its 2021 release.

On the gameplay side, WB Montreal has mentioned the game is setup so you can do the whole story alone or via co-op. We can see some convos and teamwork during the gameplay trailer as Batgirl and Robin make their way thru the freezing open world Gotham City. Voice acting doesnt sound all that great thus far and the game feels more colorful than the dark gritty games of past. Co-op looks like it will be fun though.

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