Cybersport is proliferating over the last years, both in terms of prize winnings and acceptance globally. While it was a niche of geeks around a decade ago, more teenagers are now looking forward to building cybersport careers. But what exactly is cybersport? How is it any different from ordinary sports?

What are the odds for an ordinary teenager to become a cyber athlete? And are there any career paths in this industry except for becoming a professional gamer? We are eager to answer all these topical questions in our featured article. Without too much hassle, stay tuned for more information.

What is cybersport?

Cybersport, aka eSports, originated in 1997 when the first huge event of Quake, named Red Annihilation, took place. The winner of that event, Dennis Fong, under a nickname of ‘Thresh,’ took home the prize pool of five thousand dollars and a brand-new Ferrari 328 GTS. For many people, that exact event was the start of something bigger with computer games.

Right now, cybersport encompasses a wide range of disciplines, ranging from shooters and strategies to MOBA’s, simulators, and racing games. The options for participation are many, whereas new disciplines appear annually. Before fairly recently, it was quite unexpected that a Battle Royale genre would become such a hit that Fortnite, Apex Legends, and PUBG tournaments would feature million of dollar prize pools.

Cybersport, as a whole, is a sport that incorporates dozens of disciplines, alongside featuring live stadiums, impressive prize pools, and being one of the fastest-growing sources of entertainment. For ordinary teenagers, all those factors are fascinating since the passion for video games was always somewhere around among schoolers.

Appealing benefits of eSports

When it comes to cybersport features, one should remember that many jurisdictions across the globe have already recognized eSports as the ordinary sports disciplines. Countries like Germany, South Korea, the USA, Russia, Italy, and South Africa have already recognized eSports as a traditional sports discipline. This feature caused by a continual recognition of cybersport worldwide is certainly appealing for teenagers who want to combine their passion for gaming with societal acceptance.

Besides the legal status of a sport discipline, teenagers also perceive cybersport as a superb opportunity to use their gaming skills. While it was formerly common for the best players to have the highest leaderboard rankings as their prizes, cybersport now features multi-million dollar tournaments both offline and online, to host the best players in fierce game matches.

Another point to remember is that eSports’ growth also attracted sponsors and advertisers who were always firmly associated with the advertising industry. It is common for teenage pro gamers of Fortnite, League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to have the same sponsors as Tiger Woods or Lionel Messi. For that reason, cybersport might be an unprecedented phenomenon that is worthy of attracting skilled teenage gamers to this industry.

Is it real for teenagers to become cybersport stars?

Well, it’s quite hard to say whether all teenagers can really become eSports stars in their respective disciplines. As in any other sports disciplines, we only know the stories of champions and exceptionally talented athletes.

If you’ve heard a story of Bugha, a 16-year old teenage Fortnite pro player who won $3 million dollars in the major Fortnite tournament, you should also remember his parents’ support. “This is life-changing for him. So this is his passion. When he told he could do this, he put his mind to it, and he did it,” stated the mom of the young champion in an interview for PapersOwl. Except for dozens of cases when teenage gamers reached exceptional heights in pro gaming, not all players become top-tier competitors. Notwithstanding, cybersport has paved a new direction of development for younger generations looking to transform their passion for gaming into a source of income.

We bet that these gamers will certainly look for “do my essay” services to succeed both in school and in-game with their high salary incomes. For those teenage gamers reading this article, we can recommend choosing the most ambitious and popular computer games as your main discipline. Don’t hesitate to dedicate yourself to constant training in Dota 2, Fortnite, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or other popular disciplines.

Are there any gaming alternatives?

The rise of eSports as one of the most prominent niches in the entertainment industry was long expected by both pro players and other individuals engaged in cybersport. The crucial point is that eSports have grown to the extent that it involves dozens of occupations to maintain its growth. That means that teenagers can become cybersport coaches, analysts, commentators, panelists, observers, journalists, event hosts, interviewers, and reviewers.

The industry is continually evolving and reaching its new heights, whereas the range of occupations is growing accordingly. Except for the path of becoming a pro teenage gamer, your kid might be interested in becoming a commentator or a coach. Regardless of the way decided, cybersport is becoming so vast that teenagers can find their spot even without a need for intense ten-hour training daily.

Solely because of the fact that cybersport is developing its boundaries, we believe that teenagers can seek an occupation without being exceptionally skillful. In such regard, cybersport seems to be the innovation-driven industry that can employ a teenager, alongside giving fascinating prize money opportunities for actual gamers.

Final thoughts

eSports has already been outlined as the future of all sports, especially after the novel COVID-19 outbreak. It is now quite obvious that this niche is a perfect choice for all teenagers passionate about gaming and popular eSports disciplines. We firmly believe that cybersport will undoubtedly become the new direction of development for teenagers. For that same reason, we won’t be surprised to read news articles with the stories of teenagers who have chosen professional cybersport careers in favor of traditional college education. Perhaps, such a choice could be detrimental to their lives and careers.

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