ROCCAT made something really nice. They’ve always been great at making great hardware for gamers and then the opportunity arose for me to check out their newest keyboard and mouse. Considering I had never really gotten to use their products, I’m not gonna say no to that.

Roccat’s newest edition to their Vulcan and Kain series are the new 122 AIMO keyboard and 120 AIMO mouse. I’ve been using both for about two solid weeks now. My review may have taken a little while to put together, but I wanted to make sure that I put this equipment through the ringer before I try to speak intelligently on it. I’ll start with the Vulcan 122 AIMO keyboard.

Vulcan 122 AIMO Keyboard

Upon me taking it out of the box and seeing those crispy white keys and the overall look of it had me stuck. I couldn’t wait. I setup it up with my PC and put it on my desk and I was ready to go. This thing is gorgeous. It’s got all the right aesthetics. Brushed aluminum, solid and sturdy structure, function buttons, volume/FX wheel, and a magnetic wrist rest.

This keyboard upon my first week of use was a little awkward but now, I’m used to it and this keyboard will remain on my desk until it breaks in two. This keyboard is designed with solely gaming in mind. The Vulcan 122 AIMO uses TITAN SWITCH TACTILE. It’s more or less for accuracy in keystroke. As you press the key an action happens. Simple. With the shortened keys this makes this process quick and much more fluid. The Vulcan 122 AIMO keys feature an actuation point of 1.8mm for a total travel distance of 3.6mm. It is fast and accurate which makes it well-suited to both gaming and typing.


RGB is a must on a gaming keyboard nowadays and the Vulcan 122 AIMO has got that covered. The Vulcan 122 is powered by the AIMO lighting engine, you get long-life LEDs coupled with transparent switch housing. The illumination of this keyboard is very bright supporting up to 16.8 million colors. Since you’ll be interacting will your keyboard more than a little bit when you’re gaming or working it’s good to have those keys well lit and your functions available to you on the keyboard. Everything is covered with the Vulcan 122 AIMO and the full spec layout is below for the techie that wants to know all things.


  • 1.8mm actuation point (brown, tactile)
  • 3.6mm switch travel distance
  • 512kb integrated macro & settings memory
  • All keys remappable
  • ROCCAT® Easy-Shift[+]™ technology
  • 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 based processor
  • 1.8m USB cable
  • 1000Hz polling rate
  • RGB per-key illumination with 16.8m colors
  • Removable ergonomic palm rest

Kain 120 AIMO Mouse

Kain 120 AIMO mouse is pretty

The ROCCAT Kain 120 AIMO mouse is the second half of this combo. I personally have the matching all-white version and it’s a really solid mouse. Comfortable. RGB. Easy to use and loaded with options to maximize the gaming experience. The beauty in this mouse really lies in the software which gives you a ton of customization. For example, the ROCCAT Owl-Eye optical sensor is adjustable up to 16.000 dpi and with the calibration within the software you can most assuredly achieve pinpoint accuracy in your movements.

AIMO illumination RGB is bright and also customizable. The Kain 120 utilizes TITAN CLICK which just like the TITAN SWITCH on the keyboard is designed for precision in your mouse clicks. Firing off shots in FPS games will be quick and responsive. It’s got anti-slip coating for my sweaty hand folk and it’s easy on the hands because of its ergonomics. All in all this a gamers mouse and you’ll have no problem at all being successful in your games with this device.


• ROCCAT® Owl-Eye optical sensor with 16000dpi
• Adjustable lift-off distance
• 50G acceleration
• 400ips maximum speed
• Mouse acceleration: no
• Angle snapping: on/off1000Hz polling rate
• ARM Cortex-M0 48MHz
• 512kB onboard memory
• 1.8m braided USB cable
• Incl. Omron® switches
• ROCCAT® Easy-Shift[+]™ technology
• ROCCAT® Swarm software suite
• AIMO illumination – RGB Backlighting and LED lighting effects

ROCCAT Swarm Software Suite

If you’re going to be using any RGB gaming keyboard nowadays, it’s going to come bundled with it’s own software to customize your lighting, gaming key profiles, custom key settings, etc. Roccat’s version of this is the SWARM software.

Roccat’s SWARM software is solid and fairly easy to use, sometimes. Truth. I personally am not much of a keyboard and mouse user when I game. Yes, I can use them just fine but I just like the feel of a controller even though I run the risk of being less effective in my games. The SWARM software gives you a lot of customization and profile options all within a very gamer-esque looking app.

The options for keyboard and mice are very different because they obviously have different functions. In the case of the Kain 120 AIMO, you’re given a very specific set of options and settings for the mouse. You can tailor your mouse to a very fine degree that should give you every advantage in your games. All things are considered when calibrating your mouse and using this software makes it very easy. The same is applicable to the keyboard settings. You can change your key assignments, setup macros, change your brightness and RGB pattern. It’s pretty standard stuff that you would see in peripheral software.

Should I buy this combo?

Should you buy this combo or at least one of the two? Absolutely. Look, a well made product is a well made product no matter who makes it. Roccat has been doing this long enough to get it right. The Vulcan 122 and Kain 120 are so crafted nicely, great looking and an enhancement to your gaming setup. These gadgets look great on my desk. Gaming with them has been a ton of fun and even with the nitpicks I have about them. It doesn’t take away from how good they are as complimentary peripherals.

If that’s not a reason to buy this then my recommendation doesn’t really matter anyway. If my opinion does matter to you then yes, you should pick either one or both of these up. If you’re looking for something that just looks different and works well then you can snag them right HERE and HERE. They are currently retailing at $159.99 for the keyboard and $69.99 for the mouse.

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