College always comes with its own struggles, but when you are a mother, it can be even worse. It’s not a secret that moms have a load of responsibilities: they have to manage their time, address the daily routines of being a parent, and deal with burdensome tasks around the house. With these commitments in mind, student-moms have no extra time to take care of their college assignments, among which writing tasks are the most time-consuming.

Fortunately, writing assignments can be done by paying professional essay writing services, but many other responsibilities can’t be handled by money.

Here is some useful advice that will help you achieve a successful balance between your motherhood and studentship.

Create a Schedule

When it comes to mom-student challenges, planning can be a great deal of help. Pick up a calendar (whether it’s a traditional or digital one) and allocate some time for every activity you need to undertake during the week.

A well-planned, detailed schedule enables you to devote time to your husband, nurture your children, and at the same time, stick to your learning goals.

You can also include saving for future purchases for schoolwork and projects in your plans. As a student, your laptop is your lifeline, and if it shows signs of conking out, you probably need to find a replacement soon. Shop for powerful laptops that can take on demanding work without costing too much. As with any savings goal, set a budget and a deadline for the undertaking. 

Remember that it’s not only about creating a plan, it’s also about sticking to the plan. Things won’t always go as expected, but if you stay consistent, you’ll be more likely to make it through.


Saying ‘no’ to unnecessary commitments doesn’t mean you’re an irresponsible, incapable woman. It’s only a matter of prioritization. Clearly, getting your degree and expanding your career prospects is more important than vacuuming the house.

Also, it’s not a big deal if you clean the house once a week instead of three times a week. Simply put, you should learn to complete essential tasks first and leave other tasks for a later time.

On top of that, unexpected events are sometimes inevitable in our lives. If we don’t learn to prioritize, and therefore control them, they start controlling us. Sometimes that means completing a university assignment several days before its due date, just in case an emergency comes up.

Keep Your Children Busy

If your children are old enough to join courses, enroll them in some classes. These may involve anything that can keep them engaged, from an art class to a math class. In this way, you’ll have a quiet place in which you can study with peace of mind.

You can also consider getting your children involved in some kind of in-house activity. For example, have them paint a picture of you while you are busy with your homework and reward them after. Don’t forget that kids love challenges. Be as creative as possible. Think of an exciting challenge every day and keep them occupied.

Ask For Help

When you are overwhelmed with tasks, while also being constrained by time, it’s completely okay to get help from your spouse, friends, and even experts.

First, you can ask your husband to take care of some house chores while you’re away. Second, you can seek advice from your friends or classmates who have had the same experience and make them your mentor. Third, you can ask a relative or hire someone to babysit your children a couple of hours a week.

A good example of seeking help from experts is referring to an urgent essay writing service. The next time you find yourself thinking,I need help with my essay,” you should consider getting help from a professional service provider. 

Get Creative 

Let your kids be a part of your learning process. It may sound a little awkward at first, but once you learn how to integrate your motherhood commitments with your school activities, it will be so fun.

For example, you can turn your lessons into lullabies for your kids. Or, you can ask them to listen to your class lectures, and write down every familiar word they hear. Children enjoy getting involved in adult stuff, especially when it sounds like a game to them.

Bottom Line

One of the most common questions that mom-students always ask is, “how can I write my essay?” or “who can help write my essay?”. This shows that many studying moms come short of time at the end of the semester and then look for help to perform their writing assignments. Yet, with the right expert at hand, academic tasks become as easy as a pie.

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