Cloud gaming is becoming the new thing. It’s the thing that every game streaming company wants to get right but somehow, someway they can’t nail down what it takes to create a successful cloud gaming service. Either it works well but it’s too expensive or it’s inexpensive and it functions like it. So, where is the happy medium where we can get the best of both worlds? Nvidia seems to have figured it out with their GeForce NOW cloud gaming service. I’ve used, still use it and it’s great. I don’t care what anyone says.

Those who were fortunate enough to get in on the GeForce NOW beta already know what it’s like to use the service but what is it exactly and how is different from any other cloud gaming service. Fact of the matter is, at it’s most basic level it isn’t different. If you have internet of at least 15 mbps for 720p gaming at 30fps or 25mbps and over for 1080p at 60fps you can login, get online and game.


Game streaming services can be dicey and realistically speaking, any service, gaming or not that relies on the internet for its service to be functional is susceptible to problems. GeForce Now up to now has been able to handle latency issues very well. I’ve used it on my ROG phone and my current Windows laptop and as long as I had internet service that supported service up to at least 720p/30, GeForce Now worked remarkably well and I was pleasantly surprised.

GeForce NOW is not a cloud gaming service that uses a database of games that you can pick from and buy as you see fit and play them similar to Google Stadia. These are games you already own on PC from Steam, Epic, and UPlay (Ubisoft). Unfortunately Activision and Bethesda have removed their game lineup so those games are lost but hopefully later on we’ll get them back. Overall, the games you do have you can play them anywhere as GeForce Now connects to the game publishers respective online store via your login, you download the games’ save file and you can access it from a desktop icon or from the GeForce Now app itself and you’re ready to go. You can go into the settings and customize that gaming experience from a variety of resolutions and frame rates and that’s it. It’s pretty easy to setup and use.


The beauty in GeForce NOW lies in it’s support for legacy devices simply just by downloading the app and having internet service. I was able to use GeForce now on an old Android tablet. I used GeForce Now on a bullshit 2015 hp laptop and once again GeForce Now was impressive. GeForce NOW supports most “bullshit” laptops. Yes, that’s what we call them and you know what I mean when I say “bullshit”. Not up to spec, not a machine that you would ever consider doing anything on other than the internet. A laptop you would give your grandmother or a 7th grader. Those laptops. This is where GeForce Now shines. No device is unusable. You’ll really feel like you have a gaming device when using GeForce NOW on an older model gadget.

GeForce NOW on an Asus Zenbook 13″

Playing on a mobile Android device is a bit of a different experience because obviously the screen is smaller and if you really want to get the best out of the experience you’d want to get a usb cable and a joystick. With iOS it’s not available (Sorry iPhone users). The Nvidia SHIELD is tailor made for GeForce Now and I had the most fun playing my games on the SHIELD because I get to play it on my large 4k TV as opposed to a 15″ or 34″ monitor. It’s easily the best option in my opinion so if you want to use GeForce NOW at home and you don’t have a SHIELD, get one HERE. You’ll thank me.


GeForce NOW is arguably the best cloud gaming service there is. Right now, unfortunately they’re having some issues with publishers but these things will work themselves out. As I see it, this means that its possible Nvidia may either abandon the free service at some point in the future or raise the price a little bit on the founder’s edition subscription service. $4.99 as it stands right now is not at all a lot of money to pay for a service like this if you’re serious about your gaming. I’m hopeful that Nvidia can come to terms with Activision and Bethesda again and really give us gamers more variety but even as it stands now with the publishers available to us, It’s a great service and it’s a glimpse of what could possibly be the future of PC gaming.

*As of this review Hinterland Games pulled the Long Dark from GeForce NOW but do not let that sway you, as with the other publishers, this is politics as usual, these things will work themselves out. Be patient

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